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17 marzo, 2019
cirugía en turkana

Hace 15 años…Primera Campaña Cirugía en Turkana

Hace exactamente 15 AÑOS, por estas fechas, 5 VALIENTES pisaban tierra Turkana por primerísima vez: Roberto Peromingo, Nuria Losa, Eduardo Lobo, Margarita Bassy y Elena Mendía. […]
14 enero, 2019

Cirugía en Turkana University Project (SITUP)

3 febrero, 2017

De camino a Turkana…

Reflexiones de nuestra directora médica, Carmen Hernández, de camino a Turkana en la Campaña Cirugía en Turkana de 2017 Voy de camino a Turkana. Un día […]

Cirugía en Turkana

Our project

Cirugía en Turkana is much more than a surgical project, it is a way of understanding life and telling it to our children. In the search of hope and the conviction that we are not alone, the world will change and become a fairer place.

"Sharing", Ours song

One of the things that makes our surgical project in Turkana so special is the magic with which it was born, a magic it still has today. That magic makes wonderful people cross paths with us and become inspired by true Turkana spirit.

Our medical team

Carmen Hernández

General surgeon

Elena Mendía

General surgeon

Jose Muguerza

General surgeon

Charo San Román

General surgeon

Ignacio Cristóbal



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